How to Avoid Scam

Sex dolls have become more popular over the last few years because the technology now exists to make the dolls look and feel very realistic.Sex dolls have come a long way since they were first introduced. They are now readily available for sale in retail stores,but thy are glad to order sex doll online, becuase the doll can be diliveried to home direclty and nobody know what it is in the box, so it is very popular ordering sex doll online, at the same time, fraud occurs frequently, here are the two most common types of scam you can fall for when trying to buy a doll.

No product at all:

One common scam is when you order a doll and get nothing at all. You get charged for the doll but will never get your purchase. The fraudulent person sets up a website so they pose as a real store or shop. They put up real attractive images or even 3d digital photos to trick customers. Obviously, they don’t have anything, it’s all smoke and mirrors. This one is very difficult to avoid because these types of scammers usually have a lot of websites set up. They can have anywhere from 5 to 20 websites running at the same time. Once they start advertising, you will only see their websites. And they usually have very flashy sites, with things like ‘50% off’ or ‘Best Deals’, and even ‘Free Doll’ advertisements. We can assure you that nobody is sending out free sex dolls to customers. There are a few very big sex doll companies that send out dolls for free to get a review or marketing for their products, but this is not the lottery. Unless you have a social media channel with a huge following, you’re never going to get a free doll. The costs are too high, salaries as well, companies can’t afford to send out dolls for nothing or give 50% off, no matter what they might say. Yes, once or twice a year they might be able to do it.

So if you see a site that is super well designed, with a bunch of flashy stuff, popups with huge discounts, free dolls or other manipulative tactics – it’s a scam!

Fake doll: 

Pictures that do not match the real product. This is one of the most common scams, where sellers trick buyers with manipulative pictures. Once the payment is made, the doll received can be completely different in appearance, the material used, and even in size.

The seller will get a real head from the brand manufacturer, and ship it out with a fake doll body (the real doll body is soft and elastic, and the breasts and hips should bounce when spanked),the fake sellers will order real heads and bodies, then re-assemble them.

We will definitely recommend you avoid buying sex dolls from AliExpress, Alibaba, Ebay and even Amazon. Those platforms are full of fake sex dolls to lure you with very attractive price. Some AliExpress sellers mixed authentic and fake sex dolls in order to have positive evaluations at the beginning and hid the negative ones to continue the scam. The authentic premium brands will never list their products on those platforms who specialize in selling massive quantities of identical products with few or no possibilities of customization.

How To Avoid Being Scammed:

1. Accurate product description

Love doll you are planning to buy should have a clear description including the height and weight. Few of them also provide the details about breast size and depth of oral, vaginal and anal cavity.

2. Verified buyer reviews 

Whether you want to go with any  love doll, make sure that the product has good and verified reviews. See to it that the store has a huge number of positive feedback and many satisfied customers. On Amazon, the trusted customers are allowed to post comments only when they have purchased the product. Don’t be in a hurry and take your time. Thoroughly read the reviews, comments and suggestions from the love doll buyers before making the purchase.

3.Super low price

If you want a good sex doll, you have to pay good money. If the prices are much lower than other websites, you may either get a poor product, or not get one at all. Shop around and make sure you know the price bracket for the doll you want.

4.Reliable payment methods

This is probably the most critical part of the whole process, and the most interesting part for the scammers. Typically, legal sellers offer a variety of payment methods to meet the needs of their customers. Make sure you buy from a seller who accepts multiple payment methods.For example, we offers multiple payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Because PayPal refuses payments for adult products, most sex doll stores are now unable to accept PayPal. Instockdoll, however, still provides as many payment methods as possible to meet the needs of different customers. When paying with a credit card, you don’t need to worry about being scammed, because the credit card company will protect your payment.

5.Doll Brand Authorization Certificate

Most vendors will be authorized by the manufacturer,contact the doll brand you’re interested in and check if the seller is authorized. They will be more than happy to provide the information, because they don’t want you to buy their doll from an unofficial seller, which will hurt the brand reputation. For example, WM will provide a code at the time of purchase to verify the sex doll. You can also check to see if the website has information like brand authorizations. For example, at instockdoll, you can find information about the brands, factory pictures, brand authorizations, quality inspection certificates, and much more.

6.Online & telephone Supported

Talk and chat to the seller on phone or by email before buying.

7.Visible Address

Whether you are shopping on AliExpress or any other store you found on the internet – make sure the address and phone number are written clearly on the Contact Us page.

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